The German Mobility Panel

Welcome to the webpage of the German Mobility Panel

What is the German Mobility Panel (MOP)?

Up-to-date information about person travel and mobility behavior is indispensable for transportation policy decisions and planning. Only on the basis of such information the transportation infrastructure can be designed and preserved in order to meet the needs of the population - today and in the future.
Since 1994 the German Mobility Panel surveys such essential information on an annual basis - for example information about travel mode use, travel purposes or travel time of the German population. For the purpose of collecting such information entire households are interviewed about their every day mobility behavior. Each household member fills in a travel diary in which he records each trip made during the course of one week. With this information the survey participants substantially contribute to the sustainable development of the transportation infrastructure. In addition to this the MOP surveys the mileage driven with private vehicles in Germany as well as their fuel consumption.

Who is responsible for the MOP and who conducts the survey?

The MOP is being carried out on behalf of and financed by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs. The market and opinion research institute tns infratest carries-out the field work of the survey. The Institute for Transport Studies at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is responsible for the design and scientific supervision of the survey.